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Accident Plans

Accident Hospital Benefit Plan

This policy provides benefits for hospitalisation, convalescence, fractures, surgical procedures and loss of life caused by accidental bodily injuries.

Benefits payable to you include:

  • Up to €300 a day if you are admitted to hospital overnight.
  • Up to €210 a day for convalescence
  • Up to €1,500  should you require a surgical procedure in a hospital
  • Lump sum payments of up to €450 if you suffer a minor fracture and up to €2,250 if you suffer a major fracture
  • Lump sum benefits of up to €30,000 for accidental death

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Accident Disability Plus Plan

This plan protects you from the financial effects of an accidental bodily injury and provides benefits for total disability, partial disability and permanent loss of use of limbs, speech, hearing or sight.

Benefits payable to you include:

  • Up to €780 per month total disability benefit for up to six months after the injury.
  • Additional benefit of up to €390 per month for partial disability. This is payable for up to one month following 6 months of total disability.
  • Lump-sum payment of up to €39,000 for permanent loss of use of limbs, speech, hearing or sight

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Ways we protect you

  1. When you have a covered accident, benefits are paid directly to you to spend as you choose: You could replace lost earnings, pay for medical expenses or utility bills – it’s up to you.
  2. Peace of mind: You are protected 24 hours a day, every day of the year, on and off the job.

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